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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Selling the silver

Well, my remaining silver hit my stop and got me out.  Those trades were my first proper sliver trades (other trades were just with pennies) so I'm well pleased with myself for bagging a total of €211.16.  It was simple enough really - I used a similar strategy to that I've been discussing lately - I waited for the silver market to move by 5% in any direction and then bought/sold.  In this case, it moved up by 5% so I jumped on the bit of momentum  and made a bit.

It doesn't always work but it's a good strategy as long as you keep your stops in place.

Closed silver trades:


  1. Hello!
    Thanks for the new strategy. It's very interesting. I would like to know about the points of leaving the market. As I understood you close your trade by the situation ... not waiting for the certain quantity of tics?
    Thanks God that we are living in one galaxy and I can know about your excellent ideas.

  2. Hi Igor,

    Yes, I close my trades depending on each market. Generally, I will close half of it at a significant resistance point or perhaps the highst/lowest price matched in the past. If there is a breakthrough, I still have half the stake running with that breakthrough and at that point, I'll set up a trailing stop a few ticks away.

    With the silver, for example, I actually sold it in four different stages.