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Thursday, June 16, 2011


Those 'sells' on Wall Street and the S&P500 recovered yesterday as both indices dropped.

Having gone through the trades again, I realised that I had made some schoolboy errors with my figures so rather than let the trades run, I decided to sell out most of it. The trades shouldn't have been placed in the first place - I mixed up some columns in my spreadsheet that indicate if I should trade or not which was pretty foolish, but at least I've spotted the error.

I sold out (or bought rather) most of it anyway for a profit of €30 and left a small few bob running with a stop loss to get me out for a small profit no matter what. The running trade is currently in profit of €15.20.

I know it was pure luck, but I'm pretty happy with the turnaround - at one stage yesterday when I discovered the error, I considered getting out for a loss of €130 but then the American markets opened and quickly dropped so I sat it out.

I'm pleased to have made a small profit but I'm displeased to have made a stupid error with my figures.

Closed trades & remaining open trade:

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