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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hard day at the office

Traded some evening stuff tonight but only earned just over twenty-six quid in around three hours. Some of my mates think this trading lark is easy but once again, that type of money is minimum wage stuff and it ain't always as easy as it looks!

Markets seemed a bit funny again - plenty of spoofers putting in big orders and taking them out again - this pisses me off, although I will admit to doing it myself in the past so I can't really complain. The best course of action is to ignore it I feel, as they are only doing it to try fool people and probably won't commit their money if it came down to it.

I'm glad I made some money - even if it was only a pony - but it was a tricky night somehow and far from plain sailing as you can see from the p&L.

Feel quite tired so I'm not going to bother with the last two races. Going to just watch them now before turning the news on, then I'll probably read a little and head to bed! Not a very exciting night really!

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