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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Strange day

Spent the day trading today with a monkey (€500) and it turned out to be a very strange day. I started off using my new strategy but I accidentally left a lay stake go in running and it got hit costing me 80 quid straight off. Really bad start! What's more, I was green for that race beforehand so it was a double blow.

When you lose like that early on, it's not good for the state of mind although I tried my best to trade as if it didn't happen. The new strategy didn't work quite as well as I thought it would and while I was breaking even for a while, I've pinpointed some areas where I need some work.

I decided to change tack about 3.30 and went all out, trying to get my money turned over as safely as possible. I'm quite proud as I didn't have any losing races since changing plan.

Then Betfair went down for about twenty minutes which wasn't ideal as it disrupted the flow. For the last few races, I pulled out all the stops trying to finish the day in profit. I probably took a few extra risks to be honest but I managed to put in a decent session and pull in some good results. Overall I finished the day a tenner down which isn't too bad I guess considering how it started.

I'm trying to tell myself it wasn't a day wasted but I can't help feeling a little dejected to finish with a loss having put so much energy into it. A nice pint of stout to calm the stress will be welcome!

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