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Monday, April 1, 2013

Twelve grand

No, I didn't win that amount (!). That's how much I turned over trading today. I only got to trade 27 of today's races as I had some other stuff to do but it went reasonably ok with a profit of €23.49.

I was trading with a bank of €490 so I suppose it a turnover of €11,775 isn't too bad and I got my money through the markets a few times over in some races.

I guess twenty three quid doesn't look spectacular but it's an increase on my bank (which I set up the other day) of 4.69% in a day so I'm happy enough. Anyone who understands compounding would bite your arm off for that kind of increase every day. I'm slowly finding my stride again with trading but I'll keep stakes low for the moment while I shake off the cobwebs. May increase the bank size in a few weeks if I'm doing OK at it and kick on a bit.

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