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Thursday, March 28, 2013


Hi all,

Sorry, haven't posted much lately as I've taken a little unplanned break from betting. No real reason, it was just some time to relax after a busy period over Cheltenham. My missus is off for a few days too so we've been out and about but I don't think I've missed too much with the weather being poor. We also have Aintree and Punchestown coming up so I'll be busy once again then too.

Over the past week or two, I've been working on a new trading strategy that has worked a few times so far but I can't wait to try it out with proper money - maybe I'll give it a go on Saturday. I don't want to say too much as I'm thinking of putting it in my book as a chapter if it works out but it is more or less similar to the S&P Gap trade strategy I've posted on here a number of times. Obviously, I've had to adjust to the sports markets as they don't really 'gap' as such but the idea is that the market has a memory so you back or lay and wait for the market to return to a certain price that the horse traded at in the past. Early days, but promising. I'm going to throw a monkey (€500) in the testing account over the weekend and see how I go.

There's no racing tomorrow being Good Friday. That suits me fine as I'm a Christian and like to take the day off to begin the Easter. But religion aside, it bugs me listening to all the people moaning about the lack of racing. FFS, there's racing on 363 days a year - there's too much of it on and most of it is low quality. Do we really need another day of class six no-hopers running around again just to keep a few compulsive gamblers happy? As I say, we have a busy time ahead with Aintree, Punchestown and the flat kicking off too so I'm just going to enjoy the quiet time while I can.

Happy Easter to all readers.

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