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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

So far, so good

I mentioned last week that I may set up the tipping site again. As stated, I’ve been putting in some serious form study again and so far its paying off so I’ve a loose plan on what to do with the site. I’m going to continue testing at home until I reach 100 bets at which point I may stick the selections on trial on the blog (before re-establishing the main site). 

If it continues to be successful after, say, 100 bets on the blog, I could then start the main site again and start proofing. Not sure if that’s what I’ll do but I want to keep working hard and testing before I decide to get the site up again. Sure we’ll see how it goes. At the moment, I’ve 34 bets under the belt, with 17 winners (50%). The ROI is 50.47% and the average price is 3.57 (Betfair SP). The profit to a ten euro level stake is €171.60. 

I don’t expect to continue to hit those highs (especially as the season has changed over) hence the further testing before I post but I have to say, I feel good to be getting up early and doing the old form work again.
Don’t take these as tips !  but there are two selections today I hope will go well – Distime (3.10 Bang) and Sheikh The Reins (5.20). Fingers crossed they go well.

In the financial markets, it’s been a mental week. Can’t believe the Germans and French got rid of Berlusconi. That’s two European leaders in a week – the cynics could say that the takeover is well and truly underway.  Markets rose last night but fell this morning and it’s looking like Italy needs a bailout – one that we can’t afford really. Interesting times, although hard to trade. 

No more Bunga Bunga parties:

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