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Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Euro, a bad spell on the racing, mobile devices, tooth fairy

Have to say, the Euro (versus USD) is proving more resilient than I thought despite all the bad news. When a product is constantly receiving bad news but still holds its price, it must be respected. I’m still bearish in my view of the currency but I was surprised to see it hold above 1.33 and rise back up to over 1.34 this morning. This comes on the back of German bonds not selling which did put a bit of pressure on yesterday. I must admit that I feel it should be around 1.30 right now but it doesn’t really matter what I think – the markets will have their way. It’s a holiday in the US so it may be quiet enough, but I think I’ll leave the Euro alone for the next while. 

By the way, the S&P gap never closed yesterday so I got stopped out for a small loss. Nothing much to worry about though but it’s still a kick up the arse. 


I mentioned before that I’ve been doing some proper form study each day and that it has been going well. But I’ve hit a bad patch and of the last 17 bets, I’ve only had five winners. Included in that,  I had five losing bets along the way which cost me a few bob. Considering the strike rate was 50% up to this, it’s a little disappointing. But I’m not too worried – I did hit 7 winners in a row at one time so the opposite must be expected now and then. It’s all about taking the good with the bad. Thankfully, the early gains have provided a cushion for the losses and I’m still up overall. Again, after 100 bets, I’m thinking of proofing these again for my site (provided it stays successful). As we stand, we have:

Bets: 55
Wins: 24
Strike Rate: 44%
Return on investment: 27.57%
Average price (Betfair SP): 3.54
Profit to €10 stakes: €140.60

I’ve a couple picked out for today – although they are mostly short prices. Please God, they give the bank a little boost:

12.50 Uttox – Golden Chieftain
1.05 Thurles – Apt Approach
2.00 Uttox – Mangonel
2.10 Newb – Grand Crus


For anyone who reads this blog on a mobile device, you should see an improvement in the layout. I’ve switched to the simple view for smartphones etc rather than the regular webpage. Hope it helps a bit.

Best of luck with your trading/betting today – I could do with a good day as the tooth fairly called again last night. A fiver she left! 

In my day, you were lucky to get twenty pence as the tooth fairy’s husband “was out of work” and they hadn’t got much money, according to my old man. Ha ha, God rest him, and God bless the early 80s.
I do remember one particular occasion though,  when the tooth fairy’s husband must have found some work - as I woke up to find one of these beauties under the pillow:


  1. 50p that's all i got for a tooth

  2. I remember Tony, when they changed the Irish pound note to a coin in 1990. I hated it, it always seemed better to have a note! Now we have this awful monopoly money - I even hate the look of it.

  3. Good day today with the 3 winners Thanks mate