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Monday, September 26, 2011

Smooth enough day

As mentioned  before, I've been neglecting the Betfair markets lately so I decided to do a few hours today with some small-ish stakes. Going to call it a day as I've to help my daughter with her homework now.

Not a bad old day really but frustratingly, I nearly had a clean sweep except for one race where I lost €2.05. I was also up to twenty quid green on the last race but made some bad calls and had to get out in the end for a profit of just €3.89

20 good races from 21 is nice but it's a little bit annoying when one goes wrong all the same. Still, I'm relatively happy with the sixty five quid earned.

I wasn't really trading any particular style today as such, I was just doing it on instinct and how I felt at the time. I think I'm getting better at this and felt in the zone today - gut instinct is not just guessing, it's all your years of experience trying to come through your sub-conscience.  I guess I haven't really nailed down one style and perhaps it's best to keep trying different things to keep on top of the markets.

I was trading since 2pm and it's nearly 6pm now so I guess that works out at over 16 quid per hour. Not earth shattering to be honest but I suppose it's still twice the minimum wage and I won't turn my nose up to it.

Didn't take too much risk today and kept my stops tight.   Didn't bother firing up Betdaq today but I'm going to try to use the Daq again later this week.

Today's P&L:

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