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Friday, September 23, 2011

Dublin, gold, education...

Had an amazing weekend last week with Dublin winning the All-Ireland. I got a ticket at the last minute and I won’t even try to put into words what it felt like to see them win after 16 long years of heartbreak.
Needless to say, we all had a great weekend and please God it won’t be so long before we win again!

Regarding the course I’ve mentioned, I’ve decided to do the Diploma in Financial Trading as an evening course. I had a chat with one of the lads that runs it and we both agreed that the introduction course would probably be a bit too basic. It’s not cheap, but I think it will be worth it.  Hoping to start the October course.
I’ve been up to my eyes this week so I haven’t been doing any actual trading. More’s the pity!  My ‘momentum strategy’ told me to go short on a shit load of commodities and some indices a couple of days ago but I didn’t get a chance to play. Bloody raging now as loads of prices have collapsed. I feel like I’m missing a lot of opportunities lately with all the market moves so I want to get some proper money back into my accounts and get up and running ASAP. 

Gold hourly chart:

I’m getting out for a jar this evening as my daughter is having a slumber party with six other seven-year-olds. Yikes!  Before I go though, I think I’ll have a crack at the Betfair markets for an hour or so. 

Dublin lift Sam:

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