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Friday, September 16, 2011

Cracking trade…

But I just wish I had more on!

I was trading a few markets on the machine this evening – nothing too mad as I was keeping an eye on the dinner (roast Angus beef – yum). Anyhow, I layed Monster Munchie at 3.0 and backed Supa Seeker at 5.2. This was based on my ‘momentum’ strategy.  

Anyway, I was using small stakes but the next minute... whoosh!  Monster Munchie drifts like a barge and Supa Seeker gets hammered in. I then backed Monster Munchie at 4.4 and layed Supa Seeker at 3.95 as the horses were going into the stalls. It was a cracking trade but I’m gutted that I didn’t have much money on. In the end, I made twenty quid which is grand but it was one of those double trades that doesn’t come along too often so I’m a bit peeved all the same.  If I had been using full stakes, I could have made hundreds but thems the breaks I guess. 
Anyhow, sorry for the lack of posting recently, as some of you know I’ve had some family issues and funerals etc so I haven’t been trading that much. I got back to it this week though and intend on getting back into the financial trading maybe next week.

On the financials front, I’m strongly considering doing a course with the Irish Institute of Financial Trading, possibly the Intro course starting in October. 

Readers may be familiar with the guy who set it up, Peter Brown, who often appears on shows like Vincent Brown etc. 

Anyhow, I went to one of his talks the other night and went in with a fairly closed mind expecting a hard sell. It was anything but – he talked with passion about the markets and really got me interested. The courses are expensive but you get quite a lot covered so I might just treat myself. 

On the GAA front, my beloved Dublin play Kerry in the All Ireland Final on Sunday. I still haven’t got a ticket but I’ll watch it in the pub in town anyway for a bit of atmosphere. I was 15 the last time we won Sam (1995) so this will be one hell of a special day if we can do it again. Win or lose, I’m going to have a good day out and a nice few jars regardless!

On the reading side, I've finished a lot of books since I last done a book review. Don't have time to go into details right now but New Market Wizards turned out to be a cracking read and gave me plenty of ideas. I've got my hands on both Nick Leeson books since watching 'Rogue Trader' and the one about stress proved very insightful.   At the moment, I'm reading 'God in the pits' and so far, so good.  Hopefully I can do some reviews when I get time.

Off now to eat that roast…

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