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Friday, September 30, 2011

Messing in the markets

Some weird goings on in the Betfair markets today and some person/people were  fecking about with some really large orders, pushing the prices around. For the most part, I managed to avoid getting taken out although I’ve decided to quit trading for the day as it’s just too weird.
I don’t know what these people are at sometimes or what the hell their game is. Can they be making money by messing up the markets like this?
If so, more power to them but I don’t like this kind of carry on. As Father Ted might say, “Down with this sort of thing!” 

I tried to get a couple of screenshots while it happened. For example, you can see Cunning Act here – it was trading around 5.0 and then whoosh!!   this backer takes out thousands and brings it down to 4.0 in just one go!

Later on, this same person was lurking in some other markets trying to bully the prices, using stakes of between 20K and 50K. In this screenshot, you can see him with 25K around the 3.2 price. 

A few minutes after this was taken, he moved the stakes down and took out about ten ticks in one go. I’d estimate that there was around 15 grand taken out. Still haven’t figured out how people are making money like this. 
Any suggestions? 
Anyway, with all these shenanigans going on, I’m happy to jack this in for the day with a profit of just under forty quid:

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