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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Back with the 'daq

Haven't used Betdaq in donkeys so I'm going to have a play around today just to see what liquidity is like.

They should have picked up some customers from Betfair over the years through commission/premium charge and other PR disasters but I'm not quite sure they've capitalised on the negativity towards Betfair.  If they had done a Ryanair style ad campaign criticising their opposition, I'm sure they'd have more customers but they didn't seem to go down that route.

Anyway, from first glance, liquidity seems very light across some sports although it's still very early in the day. But for example, on the St Leger, Betdaq have only matched one fifth of what Betfair has.

I noticed a few arbing opportunities over the past couple of days between the exchanges (backing on one, laying on the other) but whether or not it would work in reality (bots mopping them up & actually getting matched on Betdaq) remains to be seen - might give some a try today anyway.

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