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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thanks Archie!

An great day for the Betfair balance with a healthy profit of €273.80 – however, I won’t be recording this in the totals for the trading challenge as most of it was earned from in-running punting in the exchange room at the IFSC

I did do some pre-race trading on each race and while I made some money, I wasn’t recording the totals properly so it would be unfair to include it in my challenge total.

Had a very enjoyable day of in-running punting though and I got lucky late-on with a horse called Agent Archie when I put on €30 instead of €3! Just as I was about to get out of my bet, the horse rallied so I held my nerve and it won, netting me a lovely profit of over two ton.

I’m certainly not one for backing names, but it’s funny because my late father’s nickname was Archie and I was thinking of him this morning at a funeral I attended. I guess the horse just stood out then, but it was overpriced in-running and I backed it (albeit with the wrong amount). I used to joke with my father that when he died, he should to give me a sign for a nice winner now and then so I guess he held his deal!

I’ve often made mistakes that have cost a packed so it’s nice to be on the good end of one for once.

Taking away the win on Agent Archie, I still made the guts of 70 quid so it was a very productive day regardless.

I’ll be trading as normal from home tomorrow as I’ve to do some writing in the morning but I may go back to the trading room on Saturday.

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