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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday, 22nd May 2010

A good day for the balance with a profit of €43.10 - however, most of that was from in-running punting in the IFSC and not from pre-race trading.

My pre-race trading showed a profit of €6.01 which is disappointing by the standards I've become used to but is good considering my target.

I also had a decent bet on Canford Cliffs in the bookies at 11/4 with some good old fashioned cash - I put him up as my main bet of the day in the Irish Independent so I'm pretty pleased with that.

In some ways, Saturday can be a pain in the arse because there's so many markets to chose from and when you are betting in-running too, it gets a bit hectic. I know I have the option to pick and choose my races but the fear of missing something can niggle you sometimes. I feel more relaxed with the midweek stuff when racing is spread out evenly - although the liquidity is a lot less.

Won't be trading tomorrow - going to enjoy the sun and head to Killiney beach with the family.

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