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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Greening up the boys in green!

Starting bank: €1,000 (beginning of May 2010)
Target for end May: €1,050
Today’s opening bank: €1,171.22
Today’s closing bank: €1,218.06
Today's profit: €40.83
Today's turnover: €19,350.65

A great day once again for the Betfair balance with a profit earned of €275.21 of which €40.83 was from pre-race trading (I went to the trading room again today to do some in-running which worked out very well).

I’ve also just greened up the Ireland match there too so I’ll get 93 quid if they win, or 19 quid otherwise. I wanted to keep more money on Ireland as I hope they win. I don’t normally trade on football but I thought I’d chance on Ireland getting a good early start. I only had two losing markets today which is a little frustrating – I’d love to have a day where I win the lot!

The profit of forty quid on the pre-race trading is very satisfactory and of course, puts me well ahead. As mentioned before, I won’t get to trade as much in June/July so I’m glad to have a head-start into those months already.

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