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Monday, May 17, 2010

17th May 2010

Starting bank: €1000 (beginning of May 2010)
Target for end May: €1050
Today’s opening bank: €1067.98
Today’s closing bank: €1116.17
Today’s turnover: €18,129.48

I was minding my daughter over the weekend as my wife was working so I didn’t get a chance to trade, hence no report. Today however, was excellent with a profit of €48.19.

There’s still plenty more racing left but I promised myself I’d quit around 4.30pm and go for a walk to get out of the house.

Nothing really to report only that one of my trades stung me for twenty quid – I could have reddened up the book but left it. That was a bad start but luckily for me in the next, I caught a big move and made it all back. Those are the breaks in this game and it could have easily went the other way.
Other than that, it was pretty easy going.

Most people don’t trade until the previous race has finished and I’ve always went along with that idea but today, I found that some of the markets were quite easy to make money from early on – from say 15 mins before the off. It’s a lot slower of course but easy to get in front of the queue.

All the daytime racing was on ATR which is very handy as it means you don’t have to keep channel hopping. It’s much easier to keep a handle on things when all the racing is spaced out nicely like today and on the same TV station.

Regarding the overall picture, I’ll well ahead of my May target – in fact, I’ve already reached June’s target too so I certainly can’t complain!

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