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Monday, August 23, 2010

My first clean sweep!

The Challenge: to increase my trading bank by 5% per month.

The story so far...

Starting bank: €1,000 (beginning of May 2010)
Target for end August: €1,215.51
Today’s opening bank: €1,432.13
Today’s closing bank: €1,481.25
Today's profit/loss: €49.12
Today's turnover: €10,265.97

A big day for me today - not only was the profit very reasonable at €49.12 (my third highest daily total to date), I didn't have any losing races.

I didn't go mad with my stakes, keeping it mainly to 50s and 100s - but I still turned over more than 10K between backs and lays. I didn't feel too pressured because of the small-ish stakes which definitely helped.

I decided to just trade the two daytime meetings and I'll leave the evening alone as I'm getting a little tired.

I was mainly scalping (just getting a tick or two) and generally went for some resistance points trading. I'm pretty pleased with the clean sweep as I had been away from trading for the weekend as best man at my brothers wedding. Normally I'm a bit nervous after a break of a few days but everything just went smoothly. Generally, the bad days are memorable but today is a reminder that there are also times when things just go your way.

The wedding was great by the way, and all the grooms-men were dressed in kilts which was good.

Not sure how much trading I'll get to do this week but this puts me well ahead of the monthly target thankfully.

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