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Friday, August 6, 2010

6th August 2010

Starting bank: €1,000 (beginning of May 2010)
Target for end August: €1,215.51
Today’s opening bank: €1,271.89
Today’s closing bank: €1,341.44
Today's profit: €69.55
Today's turnover: €53,628.71

A cracking day for the balance with a profit of €69.55, in fact, that's the best day so far in this particular challenge.

While I should be pleased (and I am for the most part), I do have a niggling sense of guilt about two things. Firstly, I let one race go in-running. I really need to stop doing this as it can spell disaster.

The other thing I done which I shouldn't was chase a losing trade with a bigger stake. I got away with it but if it had of went wrong, I would have been looking at a severe red book on that race. I'm trying to stay disciplined and going forward, I know I shouldn't open another trade unless my old one is complete - for better or worse.

Overall though, I can't say I'm not pleased as it pushes me well ahead of target once again. I got an email during the week suggesting that my targets may be too low but I know that I won't be around the computer during the day much when the winter comes in so I don't want to re-assess just yet. It's days like this that build the bank and allow me some space when I don't have time to trade.

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