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Sunday, May 25, 2014

The week just gone

Having recorded a profit of €424 last week, I'm afraid this week didn't go so well and the loss in the last seven days was €128:

Not the end of the end of the world but it was a frustrating time nonetheless. Thursday was particularly bad and I got hammered with about seven or eight losing place lays in a row. With a strike rate of around 56%, I suppose eight losers in a row is unlucky but also to be expected now and again.

Today proved poor too and nothing clicked.

On a positive note, I somehow managed to show a small profit of a score on the football, having been well down at one stage last night. I backed Read Madrid in the Champions League final but they really underperformed in the first 80 minutes and Ronaldo barely got a kick of the ball. He's a bit too flash for my liking but when he's having a good day, he can be very special. Anyway my screen was red but with a few minutes to go, Real were giving it socks and I took a chance and backed the draw. That got me back to even, and then I re-invested forty quid for the extra time. In the end, I came out twenty quid in front which is not a lot in the grand scheme of things considering I showed over a ton loss for the last seven days but it was satisfying nonetheless as I'm not the biggest football punter in the world.

Another positive was the Irish 2,000 Guineas. I baced War Command each-way but he was withdrawn. I thought Kingman was a bit short at 8/11 but as it turned out, he was available at 1.90 shortly before the off, despite War Command's absence. So I had a few quid on at the last minute which was a nice boost.

Didn't get to trade too much as I'd a lot on. While it's dissappointing to show a loss, I'm not going to change anything going into next week. It was just one of those times were a couple of bad times came together.

Ronaldo had been to the hairdresser before last night's match:

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