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Sunday, May 18, 2014

The good, the bad and the good

A bit of a rollercoaster week which ended up nicely profitable in the end to the tune of €424:

However, I only began my €1,000 challenge on Thursday so I won't be counting all of that profit in the challenge.

I had a great bit of luck on Wednesday when I layed Aidan O'Brien's Timbuktu for a place which was as short as 1.12 in a maiden at Naas:

 It's great to get these ones up and that added around €158 to this week's total after commission.

On Thursday, I posted about doing a €1000 challenge and true to Murphy's law I then went and lost around 120 quid on Friday. I have to say, I was pretty peed off a about it as I was hoping to hit the ground running. That's racing for you though.

I'd an OK day on Saturday and my main tip in the paper, Olympic Glory, won the Lockinge at Newbury at 11/8. But unfortunately, I didn't have as much as expected on the damn thing. I had a small few quid on him on the exchanges but I planned on having an extra ton on him with good old fashioned cash. I went to Cashel with the family for a little break and was hoping to pay for some of it with Olympic Glory. But between the driving down and getting checked into the hotel etc, time ran away with me and before I knew it, the race was off. Still though, it was a good win and at least I earned something.

Arsenal let me down in a halftime/fulltime bet and it just goes to show that the FA Cup can still throw up shocks. Yes, Arsenal won but not as easily as I'd thought.

I went into today with my €1000 bank down at around €890 but, believe it or not, I managed to lay another one at 1.12 for a place and get it beat. The horse in question was Marinero for Tony Martin's yard and it finished fifth in the bumper at Limerick today. Happy days! It's not often you get a 1/8 shot beat so to get two in the same week is fantastic:

That earned me €166 before commission and brought today's P&L up to €188.31.

As I say, I earned over four ton this week but as regards the €1,000 challenge, I'll only include money earned since Thursday, which was just over 83 quid.

So the new total for the challenge is €1083.30. 

As mentioned before, I don't want to set too many targets for now for the challenge, I'd rather just see where it goes. But to double the bank, or even get to €1500 would be great and I could review from there.

I'm at the dentist tomorrow getting a shit load of work done all at once. I'm terrified of the dentist so I'm actually getting sedated and getting about seven things done including an extraction. Can't say I'm looking forward to it but I'm told that I won't care because of the drip so I'll see how it goes. I'll have to get my bets on in the morning as, apparently, I'll be up in the clouds for half the day. I know it's a bit silly for a grown man to fear the dentist so much but the last time I got a tooth pulled, it was a horrendous experience. Anyway, I digress.

To sum up the week, it was great, then terrible, then great. This morning, I certainly didn't expect to be in profit with my challenge so I'm very happy to be in the green this evening.

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