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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Take some time to read this

I've been made aware of a blog which is well worth reading. It's by a man who is trying to recover from gambling. 

This seems like a genuine attempt by someone to get his life back on track. Gambling addiction is a very serious issue and perhaps it is glossed over by some of us involved in the industry. 

As a newspaper tipster, I often feel quite odd about my losing selections. I often wonder did someone put their last few quid on my tip and go home to the wife with nothing. 

While we all must make our own choices, those of us who 'promote' gambling in any way must also listen out for the people on the other end of it. 

A few years ago, someone I knew lost everything he had through gambling including his family. Like alcohol, gambling can be one of the most destructive things you can do if you can't moderate it or quit. Actually, it's arguable that it is more dangerous than drink because there are only so many Euros or Pounds a man can spend in one day on alcohol. The amount one can spend on gambling has no limit. 

Anyway, I wish the author well - it's great that he has faced up to the mess he has created. No matter how much he owes, no matter how much shit he is in, it is great that he's decided to face it. 

Have a read - it might inspire some others that are having problems. I always find that writing is very therapeutic. I hope the author keeps up the blog and that it acts as some sort of channel for his energy. 

Fair play to him, facing up to something like this is a massive thing in life. 

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