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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Royal Ascot 2012, day one betting

Great to have some top notch racing back and kicking it all off is the world's best horse, Frankel:

He's impossible to oppose although there's no real point in backing at seven-to-one on either really so it's probably just one to watch and enjoy. I quite fancy Simenon each-way at 5pm although I don't think I'll get the price I want so may not have a bet.

I love the Royal festival and hopefully, the extra interest in Ascot will see more liquidity across all races in general. Up a couple of points on the inplay trades since I made some changes so I'm hoping for a good day on those:

With regard to the financial trading, I'm still bearish on the Euro. The markets rallied a little yesterday after the Greek elections but it still doesn't solve anything. Greece is still in a mess and Spain's bond yield is once again above the bailout seven percent level. There was a small rally today although that's probably because the FED will be making some noises tomorrow. Overall though, I think this is a bears market over the next few weeks.

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