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Tuesday, June 12, 2012


As discussed in earlier posts, I've been through my betting and trading records with a fine tooth comb so a couple of small changes are in order.

Form study bets:
I don't think I'm doing too much wrong here although I've made one or two minor tweaks and excluded certain races. I'll keep recording and see how it goes. It's still in profit but has lost some money in recent months. One bet on that today:

Inplay trades:
The inplay trades proved interesting to look at. The Irish bets, it seems, are not proving profitable. I reckon that there is too little liquidity in these markets in-running for the strategy to work properly. This brings me on to liquidity in general - I've decided to keep an eye on the class of the race too. If I'm correct, the higher class races should have a better strike rate than those that have little liquidity. Have a look at these charts:

Here's the general in-running trades charts including all UK and Irish bets (backing with a €10 stake and laying off with €20 in-running at half the Betfair SP). You can see how it rose up and fell back down again:

Next, this chart shows the Irish only bets. You can see that they are losers overall, despite going into profit early on:

Finally, this chart shows the UK trades only. It has dropped a little in recent times but it's still a good deal healthier than the first chart:

So from here on in, the Irish trades will be excluded. I'll also keep a keen eye on the race quality to see if the better races return more profit.

I've a couple for today:

Hopefully this will give a little shot in the arm but I'll keep on monitoring it. As regards the dutching, I'm still doing that at home - it's not setting the world on fire but it's ticking away and the data is building.

 Best of luck with your trading and betting.

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