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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Beaten at 1/100

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Had a bet on a horse yesterday, Westlin' Winds in the 2.10 at Leicester as part of my form study work.

The gelding went off quite short in the end at 1/2 and hit the floor price of 1/100 in-running but was beaten by a neck.

This can be extremely frustrating and I've often toyed with the idea of laying off all my bets in-running around 1.05 or something, simply to avoid this situation - although I suspect in the long term, laying them off blindly wouldn't make sense.

That said, I've been recording how low each of my losing bets trades in-running and I have a few figures to play with. I must admit, I haven't found much of a way to make much money in-running yet but I'll continue to work on some ideas.

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  1. I call it sanity insurance - laying off at 1.02 or so won't cost you much, and will save you from doing your head in....

  2. Yeah, it's surprising how often it happens - I suppose it depends on your volume of bets but I've had a few beaten below 1.05 in the past two months.