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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Still alive

Haven’t updated in a while so I just thought I’d pop on and say hi.
I’ve been trying to spend a bit more time with my family in the evenings and weekends hence the lack of posting recently. But things are good generally although I’m not getting as much trading done as I’d like to.
I’ve been a bit busy with a few things – it was the wife’s 30th birthday at the weekend – we had a great party with a DJ and all that lark - then I went to a Christening on Sunday so I wasn’t doing much in the way of punting.
This weekend, I’m thinking of bringing my daughter into the league final (Gaelic Football). She’s six and a half and it would be her first ever Dublin match. On the Easter Monday, we have the Irish Grand National at Fairyhouse and I’m half thinking of going to that too. I got free tickets from my local Ladbrokes shop which was grand – although I must admit, I went a few years ago and I wasn’t cracked about it. It was hard to get a drink and a bet on with the crowds and we ended up watching the big race on the screen. Although that was in the mad so-called Celtic Tiger days so I’d imagine the crowd might not be as big as it was in 2006. I’ll have a think about it, but I’d like to give it another try.
Regarding trading, gold has finally gone past $1,500 today. I had bought a small amount a few days ago at $1492 when the whole question of the USA not being able to pay its debts was raised. I sold at $1498 as I figured people would take their profits when the price hovered around $1500 and it might bounce back down.  But it broke through the barrier all the same and pushed up for a few points. How high will it go? It’s hard to say really – I didn’t think it would hit $1500 quite so quickly but it’s still staying strong. I think I’ll wait a couple of weeks before getting involved again just to see if it settles or whether this is another big breakout.
Meself and herself at her 30th:

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