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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Eleven grand - but not enough

Sold my Brent Crude Oil (May delivery)  for the Delta Index competition today which netted me over €11,000 - however, because I took a major hit on Platinum some weeks ago, it only brings me back to the 20K mark so it won't be near enough to climb the competition leaderboard. Still, I'm pretty happy to have made a good recovery and as always,  it's been a good learning experience.

In my other live accounts, I sold my gold a while back but I see it hit another all-time high today. I'm waiting to get back in on gold (probably should have already) as I still think it's one for long term growth despite the all-time highs it's hitting. When you consider inflation, it's not really all that high and with no real signs of the worldwide economies in the Western world settling down, I think it will remain a 'safe haven' for investors, for another while yet anyway.

I was waiting until it dropped to around $1400 before buying but perhaps I'll have to look at that again. Wonder will it hit $1500 before long?

Delta Index Oil trade:

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