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Friday, April 1, 2011

Getting out of gold

Gold has been up and down lately – I bought a tiny amount  a few days ago at $1434.40 (just 20cent worth) but I was never quite happy for some reason and a few hours later, it was €30 in the red. But I held out for a recovery which happened yesterday and I sold at $1438.40.  Total profit: A whopping €8!!
Did you ever buy something and then regret it? That’s how I felt and I should have got out earlier although at least no damage is done to the account. I’m still keen on Gold long term though and will buy again soon when the price drops a little. 

On the bank shares, it has been quite interesting in the early trading:

Irish Life and Permanent were down nearly 70pc at one stage which is huge. Bank of Ireland seem to be doing OK and have recovered. At the time of writing, they can be bought at 30 cent – and although that still seems tiny compared to what they once were, it’s a big leap from 22 cent the other day. 

Latest Gold Trade:

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