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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Leopardstown and Laptops

Earlier on this week when I saw the entries for the The Hennessey Cognac Gold Cup (3.45) I thought Cooldine looked like a good thing and I even told the wife I'd buy her a laptop if he wins! (she spotted one for 300 quid that she likes). That's what happens when you look at the cards with too many pints of stout on you!

A drift in his price overnight is a worry however and Mullins has now expressed concern about his fitness. That said, Ruby seems happy enough. At 3/1, I won't have to put as much to try win the price of a laptop but a drift is always a worry so we'll see how it goes.

I'm sticking with him for better or worse so fingers crossed. I wrote about the days racing for betfair if anyone is interested:

Hennessey Cognac Gold Cup

Cooldine is not my only bet of the day however so it's not the b all and end all - but no-one likes losing money so I'm heading to Leopardstown slightly more nervous than normal.

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