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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tuesday's bets and FTSE trading

No formstudy or handicap bets today, there's just one on the favourites strategy I have on trial:

3.20 South - No Dominion
Firmly on the upgrade switched to this surface, winning twice over C&D in October. Value for more than winning margin latest, so no surprise if he made a bold bid to complete the hat-trick.

Currently around 5/2 on the machine.


The financial markets stayed up yesterday and rallied through the day. I didn't do any trades yesterday but it looks like a small downside gap is appearing on the S&P500 today so I'll go back to that around 11.30am and see if there's a trade there.

The gap trade strategy has been working very well for me on the S&P and I'm going to start a trial on the FTSE this week. Of course, the times are different with the FTSE opening at 8.30am our time and closing at 4.30pm so it's a nice trade that could be done in the mornings before work or whatever. Hopefully, it works out and I'll report back here on progress.

The City,  London:

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