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Monday, November 26, 2012


Pretty crappy weekend on the horses. It's funny how it works out, last weekend the winners were flowing left, right and centre but this week, I drew a blank other than a couple of short ones. As Jimmy Greaves might say, it's a funny old game.

Had a look through the cards this morning and can't find anything much so I'm staying away. There's one bet on the favourites strategy but it's hardly worth posting up as it is five to one on: Snake Eyes, 1.00 Kempton.

Don't want to go near the financial markets either until we see what happens over this Greek deal today - could be a bit choppy until something is sorted.


  1. Yeah with Southwell out, the racing is shocking today so just had a quick couple of trades in my lunch hour and keeping it at that.

    Would appreciate if you can add my new blog to your bloglist? I've already added you.

    Cheers Fella


  2. No probs Rick, best of luck with the trading, looks interesting.