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Friday, December 2, 2011

A good month

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November 2011 is now gone forever and were into a new month. November was pretty good and I’m very pleased with how the form study has been going (the screenshot shows the last 30 bets or so). As you can see, I’ve now got 70 bets under the belt and the profit to a tenner is €243.10.  I’m still going to wait until I’ve got 100 bets under the belt before posting these on my site and putting decent money on. You can’t help thinking that a ton on each would have yielded a profit of well over two large by now but I’m trying not to think that way as you can get cocky and carried away. As you can see, I record quite a bit about each selection (most of it will only make sense to me) so over time, I can filter out what is or isn’t working. 

Again, I don’t want to get too cocky and it’s possible that I just hit a streak of luck but the more bets I get under the belt, the more my confidence grows. It hasn’t been easy though – I’m up at six in the morning most days now and by the time 9pm comes around, I’m knackered. 

But getting up at six has also helped my financial trading and the couple of hours I get in the morning before I bring my daughter to school is a great time to get stuff done. It's nice a peaceful and quiet and I've found that I enjoy working away while everyone is still in bed.  I’ve been trying out some new strategies in the financial market s and so far, I’m churning a small profit. Again, I’ll wait some time before going at it with big stakes as I want to get into a routine. 

One of the lads asked me down for poker tonight and I would have loved to go as I haven’t played in ages. However, I promised my daughter I’d watch the Late Late toy show with her later so I guess I gotta stick to my word! Like many Irish homes, staying up late for the Toyshow was a big tradition in my house each year and it's good to do it now with my own family. We might get to play poker tomorrow though, so I’ll see how it goes.

November was also a good month for my Irish Independent column so I’m pleased about that. I had hit a poor spell for a while but as the National Hunt form starts to bed down a bit, it’s getting a little easier. I’m going to go with Sizing Europe in the tingle creek but it’s a tricky race and it won’t be easy to win. 

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