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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Trailing stop

I've decided to put a trailing stop on that gold trade - well, it's not an automaitc trailing stop, I'm more or less doing it manually as I'm checking the market quite often. At the moment, the trade is worth nearly €50 with the gold trading at $1515 so I've set the stop at $1509 which will ensure a reasonable return.

I know it's not a huge amount but pennies make pounds and pounds make scores, and it all adds up. I don't have a strong opinion on how gold will go over the next few days so I'm glad to just sit it out with the stop in place. Hopefully it goes up though!

I've recently moved some cash from my Betfair accounts to some non-sports trading accounts but I'm still a little nervous about this and will take it slowly. 

Open trade on marketspreads:


  1. there are such things as 'non-sport' trading accounts? Where's the fun in that? :)

  2. saw someone tweet today that George Soros is now selling gold....

  3. Yeah, apparently he's sold nearly all his holdings. I'm out of that Market at the moment so it'll be fun to watch the price over the next couple of weeks to see if he's right about this 'Ultimate Bubble' .