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Friday, March 11, 2011

Tricky day

Felt quite tired today and I think that manifested itself in my trading. It was pretty rough going for some reason and I just couldn't get 'into the zone' so to speak. A small profit was made but nothing to write home about. Just one of those days I guess.

But looking at the events in Japan puts things into perspective and I'm not going to start complaining about a tricky day of trading - it's unreal watching cars being swept along like toys and once again, I feel so lucky to live in a country like Ireland where we don't really get extreme weather.

I mentioned yesterday that I was going to buy some platinum with Delta Index as it can be quite volatile and I was looking for a swing. Well, that swing came - in the wrong direction!  It's recovered somewhat but I'm still down about one large on the trade so far. I'm holding out for a recovery however so we'll see how it goes.

On  a positive note, some gold I bought with Delta Index today is currently in profit of about €1000 so I'm pretty pleased with that. No-where near the prize positions however.

But I bought gold in my actual marketspreads account so I'm pretty pleased.

Gold is by far my favourite commodity and I've rarely made a bad trade on it so it's probably something I should concentrate on more.

Delta Index Open Positions:


  1. Hi Wayne,

    Been reading through some of your older blog posts and noticed that you spent some time at the IFSC trading room. I would just like to ask your opinion on the place in general, worthwhile? value for money? also noticed you haven't been back there for a while, any particular reasons for that?


  2. Yeah, I thought it was excellent. However, I have a lot of work on during the week and also the odd weekend so I don't get to go in much.

    No particular reason I haven't been in lately but generally speaking, I'm a pre-race trader rather than in-running punter so my set-up at home suits my needs.

    If you are interested in in-running, it's well worth going in as in-running is just impossible from home these days.

  3. Might be a time to invest in some shares Japanese construction companies will go through the roof as soon as rebuilding contracts are handed out and think i will have a look to see what companies have fallen

  4. I think you're spot on Tony, as discussed on FB. It's tricky sometimes and depends on what trading platform you use. I'm mainly using spread accounts no it's not always possible to buy in directly.