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Sunday, March 6, 2011

My so called mates!

 My mates

Got cleaned out by my so-called mates last night in poker!

The beginners’ luck that I had last week has well and truly run out – that’s for sure. With friends like Rob and Owen, who needs enemies eh?  Another mate was with us but Paul didn’t get great hands and probably lost out too. Like vultures, they swarmed around and took advantage of my inexperience and showed no mercy. 
Seriously though, it was a very good lesson for me and looking back, I should have folded way more than I should and kept my pot somewhat intact. 

Had a great evening and I want to keep it going and keep on learning. We were only playing for a couple of quid so I only lost €23 overall which wasn’t too bad. Besides, I think there’s around twenty quid’s worth of drink left in my house so it’s all good!

I’m finally getting my head around all the rules and after a few more games, I can start working on strategy. It’s a great way to spend a few hours and it’s cheap too if you don’t get carried away of course. 

Trading wise, I earned €70.93 today but that isn’t too bad as I only started at 3:50pm and finished at 5:10pm as I went for a run today and then cooked the roast.

That’s an hour and twenty minutes work so it translates to around €53 per hour which is grand. 

Not sure if I’ll get to trade much next week – herself is away in England for a couple of days so I’m not sure what sort of free time I’ll get. 

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