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Friday, June 25, 2010

A small lapse in discipline

Traded five races today and made a tiny profit but I'm a little disappointed with myself as I let one race go in-running. If you take a look at the screen-shot, you will see that I lost €10.06 on one race followed by a loss of €2.60.

It pains me to say it to be honest - but I was chasing my losses and let a race go in running to win the following €8.69. The sums involved are very small but I feel a bit bad about it and I know I shouldn't let it happen. You have to be honest with yourself in this game and do your best to move on from a lapse in discipline but I do feel genuinely annoyed with myself.

So then, a profit of €2.60 overall but as I say, I don't feel too comfortable with it as I went in-running so I'm not going to record it in today's totals.

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