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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Dublin Marathon

Yesterday, I completed one of my long terms goals and ran a marathon. It was very tough, especially considering I was a groomsman at a wedding over the weekend and had a fair few pints.

I'm absolutely wrecked today but I feel good about myself as it took a lot of time and commitment to do the training. Not sure if I'd do it again in a hurry although you never know. But I have that box ticked on the 'to do' list and that's quite satisfying.  I learned quite a lot about my own body through the whole process and I've a much better appreciation of what I'm capable of - but just as importantly, I know I have certain limits too. Sometimes it's good to push the limits to see if your assumptions about yourself are correct. I also have a better appreciation of how those poor long distance chasers must feel!

At the finish line yesterday


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