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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Irish Oaks at The Curragh

Sorry folks, it's been ages since I updated. I've been mad busy with this and that.

A very brief summary of the last month:

The place lays took an absolute hammering but recovered well and I'm now over 100 points in profit for Wayne Bailey Racing on Racing Index:

This is good as it attracts more subscribers but I have to be careful not to take on too many as the liquidity in the place markets is low and prices can be moved quite easy.

The automated trading strategy has been up and down as well. It got off to a flyer and hit €170  profit (to a €10 trading stake) quite quickly but took a hammering last week. It's recovered a bit and now stands at €130 profit:

The €1000 challenge was put on ice as I was busy on other things but I hope to revive that soon and I'll post in due course.

Otherwise, the betting has been going OK. Had a nice big bet on Slade Power last week and I'm hoping for a bit of success in the Irish Oaks with Marvellous which is currently trading about 5/1 although this market is very open and at least four horses have serious claims.

Here's today's Irish Independent article which looks at the Irish Oaks:

Looking forward to Conor McGregor tonight in the UFC in Dublin. He's 9/2 on so I won't be having a bet but he's great craic and has plenty of charisma. Should be a good one.

Conor McGregor:

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