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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Backing the best chasers

I mentioned this simple system in the paper some time back and I've been asked to update the results. Basically, the system involves backing the best chase horses in certain races. Sounds a bit obvious but it seems that certain horses, often at the top of the market, still go off at better prices than they should. The rules are simple enough:

* Race is a Chase
* Horse has an official rating of 165 or higher
* Horse is the top-rated horse in the race
* Horse is race fit (ran in the last 60 days)

It's had a couple of losing years and I'm not saying you should follow it to the letter but if you see a horse matching the above criteria, you should certainly take note. The results below are to a €10 stake using Betfair SP and assume the backer is paying 5% commission:

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