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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Hello November

Good afternoon folks. A quick hello as it's ages since I blogged.
A few updates...

The book I've written about trading is finished and I'm simply adding the final touches and doing some more editing. I've no date for it yet but it'll be quite soon now thank God. Writing a book is a hell of a lot harder than I thought it would be to be honest. I'm a librarian by profession so I've come across literally thousands of books in my time and I always wanted to write one. It really can be a hard slog though, especially so if you are writing non-fiction and trying to explain a topic to someone, get the right screen grabs and make sure the English is good but still readable. Having said all that, I've already got an idea or two for some other books so you never know. It's quite an achievement, and even if no-one buys it, I'm proud to have done it. I'll certainly wait a little while before doing it again though!

Other writing
I'm still doing my weekly piece for the Irish Independent which I love. Had a nice winner at 7.15 already for today's column so fingers crossed the rest of the day goes as well :-) 

Financial trading/Betfair trading
Haven't done much lately to be perfectly honest. I simply haven't had time. I sold up all positions and went to cash a couple of weeks ago to pay for some stuff and haven't dipped back in yet. Financial trading is not something I can pop in and out of successfully when I feel like it - I need to get in the zone for a couple of weeks and get a feel for it. Going to start dipping the toe in the water again soon. The same goes for Betfair trading. I've had very few full days off lately to give it my all. When I try to trade a race here and there it never works out so I now don't do it unless I can dedicate some decent time to it. As always, it's a question of making more time for myself! But I intend to be trading in the next week or two. 

Going pretty well. I'm making some decent money from my place lay handicap system which I posted here some time back and it's now up 53pts for 2013. My regular place lays are well in profit for the year too although September was a tricky month where a lot of money was lost. It's great to be able to finally make some money from the place markets though, as I'd struggled in those for years. 

I went to the doc last month and found out that I had high cholesterol (6.3). Initially, this was quite a shock as I am quite light and exercise quite a bit. But looking back, my diet was full of saturated fat. I love my cheese and dairy and all that and would always use stuff like real butter etc. I'm on a cholesterol diet to get it down and it's a bit tough but that's the way it goes. Nothing too serious he said as I don't smoke and am fairly fit so he said it should come down handy enough soon with some diet changes.  Now I know how the women feel going on diets and it ain't fun.  As regards running, I'm doing 5K twice a week which isn't too bad. I've signed up for Hell and Back tomorrow which should be interesting! Looks mental to be honest, I'll report back if I make it out alive. 

Ciao for now,


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