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Monday, February 13, 2012

Apple shares: buy or sell?

They say that when your average Joe on the street is giving you tips to buy shares, you know it’s time to sell. Two people this week mentioned Apple shares to me and I wonder if it’s a bit overpriced. But then again, they really are an innovative company and there’s no real reason to think they won’t continue to grow. They hit over $500 per share today which is huge when you consider the fact that they were less than $100 back in 2009. 

When Steve Jobs dies, a lot of people predicted their demise but that hasn’t been the case and they are still reporting very good earnings. That said, the likes of Samsung are really giving them a run for their money in the smartphone market and Apple will have to up their game with the next iPhone as the last update wasn’t really much different. 

So are they a buy or sell?  I’m too much of a chicken to make that call and it’s just one I’ll watch with interest instead. 

Apple share price since 1985:


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