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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Investor & Trader summit

Took a day off today to go into town for the Investor & Trader summit, run by Marketspreads.

David McWilliams is the chair and it looks quite interesting. Peter Brown, who runs the IIFT trading course I'm doing, is also a speaker as is Charlie Fell from the Irish Times.

I've been to these sort of things before and I usually find that you learn a few bits and bob.

The IIFT course, by the way, is really enjoyable and I've learned quite a bit in the first two weeks. Can't wait to put some of it to practice but I've decided to open up a demo account again just to try out some of the new strategies before going live with bigger money.

I've no open positions with my live account at the moment - things are still quite funny and it's hard to make a decision about which way the markets going. 

Otherwise, I've not much to report.

On a non related note, a mate of mine is giving me a car this weekend :-)    I drove a motorbike for years but it's high time I learned to drive a car so I'm looking forward to something new although I am a tiny bit nervous. I have a bet of €150 with the wife - I told her I'd drive down in the car and pick her up from work at Christmas. She says I wont. So I've a couple of months to learn to drive as I sure as hell ain't giving her a ton and half!

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