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Sunday, July 24, 2011

I'm a sellout

Sold all my remaining positions on marketspreads and ordered a cheque which I've lodged in my bank account.

No, I'm not giving up the trading, I've just decided to spend some of it on my upcoming holidays and some other stuff. I'm off to Canada for a couple of weeks and then Gran Canaria for a week so the last thing I want is to be going online each day trying to manage my positions. It's important to take proper holidays away from trading and it's important to spend the money sometimes too. I'm owed some money in September so I'll be re-lodging the money and starting back where I was.

While it's important to build your bank, if you don't make withdrawals now and then, it just becomes a numbers game on the screen and not very 'real'. I like to build my bank but I also like spending it sometimes too - that's what all the effort is for after all right?

Besides, the legal status of gambling in Canada is very grey so many sites are actually blocked and I don't want to spend my holidays wondering about the price of commodities. I just want to relax. 

It was a fairly good week anyway with a realised profit of €183 after I sold some open trades:

Combined with the rest, I made a decent withdrawl and treated myself to a couple of new tattoos.

One is the image of Christ with the crown of thorns and the other is my daughter Aislinn's name in the Old Irish Ogham alphabet.

I got the one of Christ for a very good price but good old Catholic guilt kicked in! Before I left for the tattoo place, I was watching those horrible pictures from the horn of Africa. Terrible stuff. So I've decided to donate the price that the tattoo cost to Trocaire and Concern who are working out there. I think it would have been a bit hypocritical to spend a couple of ton on a tattoo of Christ and then say feck the poor people. Bloody guilty Irish Catholic upbringing eh?

Anyway, I'm heading off on hols in just over a week - I've taken all of August off so other than backing a few horses, I won't be doing too much on the betting/trading front until then.

 Off now to watch the hurling - UP THE DUBS!

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